Exercise - All at once or Bitesize?

Do you exercise all in one go during the day, or in short intervals break it up with a few shorter periods of some activity?

I usually ride my exercise bike or walk for about 10 minutes everytime I eat and it usually ends up being 30 minutes to an hour per day of exercise depending on how my sugars are doing that day (I am also diet/exercise controlled only) and am very strict about my numbers.

I do all at once, 1.5 to 2 hours a day, 3 to 5 days a week. I also do short jogs or long walks to bring down highs.

All at once, 50 minutes a day, about 5 days a week.

Is there really a human being motivated enough to exercise more than once a day? :slight_smile: Surely you must jest…:slight_smile:

Once a day only for about 30 mintues and than misc. muscle building/toning before I go to sleep to bring down dinner numbers - usually takes around 30 minutes.

All at once. I used to do AM/PM sessions after breakfast/dinner when I was using the elpitical/treadmill. It was great for keeping insulin requirements down, but it really burned a lot of time with showers, warm-ups, and getting up to the gym at my complex. Now that I run outdoors, splitting it up would be torture because the first mile or two are always the worst. Especially in the cold…

Hah!, Well, I definitely find it hard to be intrinsically motivated to do that these days, but it’s amazing what coaches can drag out of you. Two a day football practices were the worst. Two a day track practices weren’t that much better. =/

I figure it is more beneficial to go longer periods. After your body uses up the glucose in the blood it starts converting glycogen stored in the muscles and liver back to glucose. When glucose from food is available again it goes back to the liver and muscles as glycogen. Thus by depleting your glycogen stores you have created a sponge to soak up some glucose from your next meal making the next spike smaller.

I exercise all day and once in a while, I sit :slight_smile:

I do two 20 minute walks, twice a day… Just casual walks. Nothing strenuous. These seem to help me the MOST, instead of very intense exercise. Planning on adding a third walk, so instead of just morning and before bed, it would be morning, afternoon, and before bed. :smiley:

I feel ya!! If I sit my blood sugar decides to go up it’s AWESOME!

40-60 minutes swimming or running, twice a day during the week. More relaxed on the weekend.

Yeah, and it takes a fairly intense workout to blow through your glycogen in a reasonable amount of time.

its also ‘physical activity’ that can be equivalent - during a typical day’s routine;
say broken up in one day broken up as follows:

take the stairs at work 2-3 times a day
park the car furthest from the shops then walk to them
a 10 min stroll after meals
a 10 min exercise routine