Exercise ideas for when you can't exercise

I have several disabilities that limit my mobility. I can’t walk very far so walking, running, cycling, stair climbers, etc etc blah blah is out for me.

I broke my leg last May and during PT I was put on a stationary bike. The resistance was completely removed so all I was doing was range of motion, a kind of warming up before we got to the fun (sarcasm here) stuff. We were surprised I tolerated it so well since repetitive motion isn’t always a good thing.

I now have a pedal machine (this one). I wasn’t able to use it much during the winter due to the cold/wet weather we had. Now that the weather is better (and pain levels are down), I’m going to start using it on a regular basis.

I can also do pool exercises. They’re great for non-weight-bearing movement. The problems though are numerous. One, accessible pools are hard to find. Two, I get out of the pool feeling like a 2 ton wet dishrag. Three, I get out of the pool feeling like an exhausted dishrag. But I am hoping to sweet talk a friend into going with me to help and get exercise herself!

For others who are able to use their arms, there’s simple weight lifting. Using a can of beans in each hand is good. You can slowly go up in the size of can or adding actual weights. Using a manual chair is good exercise! If you can, take the chair and go to a mall that has a walking program or course.

If you can use your legs, even just simple movement is good. Any movement is good!

Of course, talk to your doctor or, better yet, talk to your PTist and get advice.

Anyone else have suggestions or experiences?

What wonderful ideas! :)) On YouTube, looking for exercise videos, I had come across exercises we can do from our chair, without even having to get up. I think Diabetic Living published an article on this, too. :slight_smile: I have to admit, they’re great for when you’re stuck at the office, and can’t get out much – even without challenges. Seated Flexibility, Cardio, and Strength Workout; “Sit and Be Fit Videos

These are great. I cannot ‘exercise’ - too much pain from the neuropathy. But I do have an exercise bike for good days when I can keep my feet on the pedals. I wish I could swim but our neighborhood Y is EXPENSIVE – can’t afford it. But I remember the wet dishrag feeling. Good for you. Great idea to snag a friend to join the fun. I remember the article with the seated exercise Lizmari. I thought that was great and I snitched my son’s hand weights – he’s at college – and they are great, they velcro around your wrist or ankles. I try to strap them on for a little while in the evenings.

The best thing I do is wear a pedometer. I don’t walk much but I push for all I can. In between classes myself and another teacher walk up and down the halls pushing for those extra steps. I can only do about 6,000 steps before I swell up and hurt but I try to do it every day (not swell up and hurt, walk lol). I have also become a “Walmart Walker” – any store I go into I walk ALL the aisles before I’m allowed to buy anything. Then I zoom around and pick up my stuff. The cart gives me support and balance on those ‘vertigo’ days when the neuropathy pain makes me wobbly. And a bonus is I always know all the sales and best prices. I like Giant Eagle, Walmart, Lowes - anywhere with lots of aisles. I don’t really like the mall. All the retirees pass me and make me feel old! lol

The goal – move all you can. With the nice weather I’m looking forward to some outside walking. There is a walking park near my house with well placed benches and always lots of people - I like walking where there are people in case I need help.

Its hard when the spirit’s willing but the body is a party pooper. Hang in there! Any movement IS good.

My husband had gotten me a Nintendo DS Lite not long ago… (You can probably borrow one from kids/grandkids. lol) A neat, green colored one, that came with a real gourmet cooking tool game, to make everything from simple, to super fancy/gourmet meals… And then he got me a game called “Personal Trainer: Walking,” which comes with two pedometers… :smiley: One for you, and one for a friend or spouse… and It’s neat, I use it every day… it doesn’t push me too much to do things, and it has a little mini game within it called “Light Up the House”… so I see how much ‘power’ I generated with all my walking, kind of thing… :slight_smile: It’s a little motivator. I also have another called “My Weight Loss Coach” which I bought used for like $8. The pedometer it comes with is HUGE lol but it helps you know if you’ve balanced your calories for the day, etc… gives you challenges, things like that… I don’t use it as much as the “Personal Trainer: Walking,” one, but they are some of the fun, motivational things that keep me going… :smiley: