That’s a great idea! I really like the pink and brown one. Thanks for the info!

Kroger has Carbmaster yogurt at 4 grams of carbs, I just love 'em. No prep time, just rip open the top. anything else you got to do more “work,” find the measuring spoon, get the knife and plate, etc. LOL

I tried Jeff Galloway’s suggestion to skip dinner before longer races (I’ve only done 1/2 marathons…) and it works fine. I’ll eat a lightish breakfast before but there’s always time to hang around before showtime to make sure my bg is ok anyway.

You are an inspiration to me, Seagator.

I try to walk at least :30 minutes every day. I’m slowly creeping up to more time after a 6-week “rest”. Whew.

Yesterday, I thought I was going to be sick just from walking. But when I was done (36 minutes) I felt SO much better and my blood glucose was great in the evening.

It really does make a difference, especially for type 2 glucose control – I think it’s better than medication at dropping my BG’s, as long as I do it six days out of seven (thirteen out of fourteen is best).