Exersize plans tell me what u do

whats up ya'll i was just woundering what u all do for exersize sence becomeing diebetic i have started to exersize with in th e first year i had knocked off 100 pounds of my 350 pound body and that was with just diet and and walking a 1/2 hour to an hour and light waight training every other day know i am at 210 pounds i have incressed my exersize plan to a 1/2 to an hour run/jog up hill 20 min modeate waight training so it seems to be getting a little rotine so let me know what u are all doing and any advice in what i am doing will be helpful

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Unfortunately, I am still looking. I was DX’d in my 30’s and now I’m 56! What I am not telling is that I have been considered “handicapped” for many years. Now, as I write this, I am communicating from my hospital bed. I am 1 week post-surgical after a below-the-knee amputation. If anyone could figure out an exercise program taking into consideration all my limitations, I would adore them for the rest of my life! You can see my site for blogs on last year’s saga from hell.

To make things shorter, continue on with what you’re doing but add spice like changing your walking route or invite someone else to walk with you; get involved in team spots; take a self-defense class; participate in various run/walks for a good cause to raise money as you selfishly train your body (lol); ad infinitum!

Good Luck!


I find exercise has the mist incredible effect on BG control. So I do as much as possible! No routine, but at the moment I play alot of Squash (cardio, strength on court), skip, body weight training with TRX suspension system (strength). When I say alot, I try to play/train about 5 or 6 days of the week.

My main passion is cycling. If i could I would just keep going as long as I can and as far as I can. I used to cycle a lot before I got married, should of stuck with it but I started to work too much. I now try to cycle for about an hour a day if I can. Its been cold so I have not had a chance to get out doors but I have been on the tread mill and on the stationary bike. I have the treadmill in front of a tv in my tv room and sometimes while I run i use the wii fit. It has a free running routine that I used with the treadmill. You put the wii remote on your pocket and then you can run and the program tracks your progress.

Well, I do alot with my wii fit, especially in the cold weather. In the summer, I push mow my big lawn. For some reason, outdoor yardwork wipes me out fast. I was out raking soggy leaves the other day and man could I feel it. I feel so much better when I exercise, and I require less insulin, yet it’s a battle to do it daily! Anyway, I love my wii and use it often. Good luck!

Never thought of the Wii as an actual exercise device! I’ve seen the Wii fit advertised, but always thought it more of a gimmick!

Actually I thought so too at first…that’s its all for show. I tried Wii fit Plus December last year… (its a Christmas present…hihi) I found it enjoyable and effective, Especially during cold and rainy seasons that I cannot brisk walk or run. (And my doctor also advised me to do some exercises later in the afternoon or at night) It is also customizable that I can personalize the activities/exercises I want =)

Dance aerobics is my thing (Taebo, Zumba, etc). 30-45 minutes cardio per day 5 times a week. At night I do stationary cycling or Wii Fit or treadmill for about 20-30 minutes when the weather is good. My favorite though is brisk walking (about 2-3 miles) with my dogs at the park =)

The wii fit is great! I’m telling ya, after 10 minutes of hoola hupe, you are feeling it! It also weighs you, tries to motivate, and gets sarcastic if you miss to many days. If you are overweight, then it makes your Mii character overweight as well. It is a fun competition between family members to be in 1st place on different exercises for us. It is alot of fun!

I cycle around 50-200 miles per week, I used to lift weights also but i just dont have time for that anymore


A great start is to get Bernsteins book “Diabetes Solution”.
He is an endo and type 1 (has been for over 50 years).
He outlines a mealplan and exercise regime for BG control.

On exercise - he focuses on an inverted pyramid weight training
rather than endurance (running/cycling). His belief is that strength work
on muscles improves insulin sensitivity (good for Type 1 and 2).

For each exercise, you start at a high enough weight to do 4 reps (or so) before failure.
Immediately lower the weight a little and do more reps to failure.
His goal is to keep lowering the weight until you can to 20 reps.
This keeps your muscles on the edge of fatigure/failure.

He recommends upper body one day, lower the next. Always give
the muscles at least 1 rest day to recover.

The exercise keeps your BG’s low for up to 24 hours, which makes BG
control much easier.

I was Dx’d a year ago (Type 1.5) at 45yrs and have pretty much no insulin
production left. I use shots only (bolus/basel). His plan has made a huge
difference - my post meal BG is usually 5.5 or lower, especially on days
I have exercised. A1C is between 5.2 and 5.4.

All the best with it.

I had this same question! :slight_smile: I am anxious to start exercising again and was finally given the okay from the doc (I have gained back 10 of the 25 lbs I lost pre-diagnosis, so I have more energy to exercise.) My concern is not so much weight loss, but maintaining my weight (I am 5’4 and now 110 lbs) I don’t want to gain more fat, but replace the muscle I lost from the wasting I experienced.

My doctor warned me about hyperglycemia and the possiblity of ketones again… did anyone experience this? What about hypoglycemia? Do you eat before you workout- and is it after a meal or just a snack? I read an article about exercise and Type 1 and it suggested not working out right after taking insulin… What are your experiences?

here’s the article: