Exhausted even with stable blood sugar

I'm trying to figure out what is really going on here. I run a 5k about 3 times per week. I was hoping that after doing this for a while now, that I would start to see some improvement in my stamina. Unfortunately, I'm still exhausted after my 5k runs.
During my last run my BG was 120 to start and 121 afterwards.I felt like I was barely making it even though my BG was very stable. For the life of me I can't figure out where this fatigue and lack of stamina is coming from.
Please help!! I need suggestions and/or possible solutions.
By the way, all I drink is water so I'm cognizant of pee color and staying hydrated.



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I have not been very active for the past few years but I have had low energy problems every since my Dx. I participated in many century races (Cycling) for about 10 years and was in the best shape of my life even better than when I was in the military, but nothing helped I was tired when I started and tired when I finished. I have always believed that my chronic fatigue was directly related to the "Betes". It has not kept me from achieving my goals but many days I feel like I have forgotten to disengage the parking brake. My body does a poor job converting sugars and I think my gut is a little slow converting many types of food. My thyroid is also not perfect and this has a impact on how my body metabolizes blood calcium and stores sugars.

Couple of thoughts,

How long is your run and how hard is the grade?

Do you CGM? Are your trends flat?

CGMs can miss a rapid drop due to the lag time, I know I can drop over 100 points in 15 minutes of a hike when I hit the first up. Have learned that I need to check every 15 minutes with meter and fuel up according to my numbers. Many times the arrow will still be level despite the drop.

How do you modify your insulin dose to accommodate the run? What time of day do you run? Before or after meals?

When you run and how you fuel and where your insulin levels are make a difference.

Have you checked out the Diabetic Athlete's Handbook? Has a section on running that might help.

Also check out the group's I believe there is a runners group here a tuD.

One final thought how is your potassium level? Low levels can make you feel exhausted as well.

Have you had your thyroid checked? Hypothyroidism and diabetes seem to often go hand-in-hand and an under-functioning thyroid can lead to all the symptoms you describe.

Could it be related to anything other than diabetes? I know that my workouts are always less productive in the morning. I fatigue very quickly and can't lift as heavy. My best workouts are ALWAYS in the late afternoon.

Try doing tempo runs and speed work, you should see your stamina improve. Simply slogging through a 5k isn't always good enough to see any improvement.