I’m having one of those nights where you just wanna cry and give up.
I refuse.
But I’m just extremely exhausted both physically and emotionally.
Been like so thirsty the past hour I can’t seem to drink enough.
Ready for this night to be over.:’(

Sorry it's been such a bad night. Have you tested recently? Extreme thirst can be a sign of very high blood sugars.

I have to agree I'd be wanting to test? I hope that you can sleep whateveritis off...

re refusing:

Pailhead= Al Jourgensen (Ministry), Ian Mackaye (Minor Threat/Fugazi/ The Evens) and Eric Spicer (Naked Raygun)

It gets better.

There is a whole class of philosophy and scientific endeavour in medicine called "orthomolecular medicine" that naturally those who understand it, even the researchers who developed it, will tell you what is the answer. By providing the nutrients the body needs, it can heal itself. We are not sick from lack of drugs....but that is a whole philosophical discussion.
The drinking a lot, I expect is just thirst which happens as the body tries to wash out the high sugars and/or the high ketones. Now if you are a vegetarian who avoids beef which is the preeminent source of B vitamins, you could be trying to run your body machine on a depleted tank of gas as the B vitamins help in digestion and energy production. Animals that graze grass get B vitamins from the greens they eat. Some people, including me, don't seem to eat enough greens, but for a year I have increased it in my life via supplements and my energy levels have improved.
There are some people who believe you do not need any supplements if you are eating a balanced diet. That might be true if you are healthy and you are doing things right, but as Dr Linus Pauling himself said who was one of two doctors, as friends, who devised the term orthomolecular medicine, took 18 grams of Vitamin C a day and explained he knew he could not get that all through oranges because of the sugar involved. Now he won two Nobel prizes for his research and he lived to 93 years of age.
If you go to this web site you will find it was put up by the co-author friend of one of those two famous doctors. www.doctoryourself.com Now YOU are YOUNG and have your whole life ahead of you. so do not throw out the idea that you might go on to be a doctor yourself. My endocrinologist is also a diabetic and he went to medical school for that reason. I've known him 26 years as my doctor. What the world does need is more doctors who fully understand the dilemma we have been placed in....and the learning does not stop.

From a psychological point of view a person can also feel more exhausted when they are battling a difficult situation. You are obviously doing well, you say physically, so if you decide to look at the becoming diabetic from a philosophical point of view, you could turn it into a mission in your life. Remember also the "glass half full versus half empty" idea and realize there are many people on TuDiabetes who have lived MANY years with diabetes. In fact, you could be healthier for your entire life just because you are forced to be wise in your food and consumption choices. In fact, you might soon become so motivated that you will be singing, to music, and skipping down the road as you make your plans. If you don't want the investment of time in becoming a doctor, you could become any number of other types of role models. You might become a coach in any other way that appeals to you.

I think you missed the topic and I don't like at all you telling a young type 1

By providing the nutrients the body needs, it can heal itself. We are not sick from lack of drugs/blockquote>.
By the way on wikipedia they write (link): "Critics have described some aspects of orthomolecular medicine as food faddism or quackery and there is research suggesting that certain nutritional supplements are harmful with several specific vitamin therapies linked to increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and death".

It does seem impossible but your life will not be like these early days.
I understand you don't want to have diabetes but things happen and we have to go over and on.
Rest for a while, don't focus on the "forever" thing, live your day, do what you have to do and enjoy: you can live anyway a "full" life, I bet, I'm sure.

You are not alone.

I'm not a huge fan of supplements either although I have felt pretty good in the last year or so when I started piling on more veggies?