Expanding waistline!

How much calories is needed on average for a 170 lb man. I am asking this because I am 5’ 6" 208 lbs. I need to drop some weight, around 38 lbs would be great.
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My husband was 5’7" and 240. He dropped down to a meager 1300 a day and lost 80 pounds in less than a year’s time. I met him when he was at his final weight of 160. I think that any less than 1500 could potentially be unsafe for an adult male, but I guarantee that between 1500 and 1800 would give you great results. What’s important is that you run a deficit - take in less than you burn. From what I understand, the 2000 calorie a day recommendation you hear about for people is for those who want to maintain their weight or lead an active lifestyle.

My CDE recommended that I take in 1000-1200 for weight loss, but that’s for a female. On the Weight Watchers program (I’ve been on it since April), I’ve lost 25 pounds and probably take in closer to 1300-1400 a day. It’s hard to know because their system doesn’t really tally the calories.

Here’s my easy calculation method for women that typically results in 1-2 pounds lost per week if you’re overweight but not obese: 10 calories for each pound of your ideal weight (if you want to weigh 170 lbs., that would be 1,700 calories a day). If you’re a guy, I would think you could add 200 or so calories per day, especially if you’re active. Good, healthful, low-fat, high fiber calories. Let us know how it goes!

Dear Melissa and Dear Deandre. Wow what a man I once did the same 1300 and lost about the same 80 without Insulin . I am not sure is super radical like that the best or cutting to 1800 wishy washy diet is better . Deandre cut you insulin a lot if you go to the1300 way.

DeAndre, good morning! I am a recently diagnosed Type 2, and am making major lifestyle changes to prolong my life and watch my kids grow up! I am MUCH larger than you, 5’ 7" 345 lbs. My dietician used a formula based on age, weight and height to determine my body needs 2840 calories a day to perform optimally. Given that I am so large, and consume more than the 2840 calories per day, she wants me to start by eating as many calories as my body needs. She said to try 2800 a day, and see how I fell. She said I would see weight loss and feel better over time, because I am cutting back. Once I start losing, she is going to cut my intake by 500 calories a day. By doing so, you can lose one pound each week. She said eventually we would cut out 1000 calories a day and average two pounds per week. It’s not easy, but many of us struggle with weight issues, so you are among friends!!! She gave me the formula, how old are you, I will calculate your recommended daily calorie intake for you. Chris.

Here are the formulas.

655 + (4.3 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age in years)

66 + (6.3 x weight in pounds) + (12.9 x height in inches) - (6.8 x age in years)

Wow Chris.

Could be random chance but me at 250 lb and 58 years it works out to 2200 calories if I calculated correctly and this was found to be dead on for neutral weight assuming sedentary behaviour. Any strenous exercise would substract and lead to weight loss.