Experience 8 Years on the OmniPod

Having been a diabetic for 58 years, around 30 with no BG meters, 9 years on the MiniMed and now having been Insulet's first customer for the OmniPod I guess I have been on the Pod for 8 years.

All in all I love it, but it hasn't been without its challenges. I have never had any issues with adhesion. I do have problems with skin rashes where the tape adheres. Pod failures have been an issue but I put up with them as i think the pod is so superior to any of the tubed pumps.

I can't wait for the smaller pod and new PDM. Hopefully the reliability issues have been addressed.

Andy dx 1955 age 4


First of all I agree with you. As you, I prefer the pod over tubed pumps. And yes there are challenges. I have been using the new pods since early December last year. Apparently,, in Europe, we are on the "bleeding edge": I have never had so many occlusions (recently 80% of one single box). And I am not the only one coming across this problem. Insulet are aware and are working to fix this but I am afraid the pods will continue to "challenge" me for the next 3 months as I have just received my next three months of supply. As far as the PDM is concerned: no significant functionality differences. Transmission distance is much better. Only drawback: you now have to confirm your id often.

Hi Andy, I've been on the 'Pod since October of 2008 and I too find it the best tool I've had, but not perfect. It has been a lot better for the last year. I attribute that to having changed from using Apidra to Novolog which claims a much longer "reservoir" time. I consistently had high BGs on the third day and had at least a pod failure per month for my first 3 years +. I now consistently get 80 hours of effective delivery and have had almost no pod failures (ie. replacements) since I changed to Novolog. Maybe it's a coincidence but I don't think so. Thought that experience might be of interest to you. I was diagnosed in 1966 and had similar experience to yours except that I was only on a Disetronic for 2 years and hated it. I then used Lantus until the 'Pod became available to me here in Montana which was October of 2008. I was the first in my community to get one and was the DE's first trainee. She was reluctant but we now have several people using them. BTW I'm 68.

Andy and jla,

You are both inspirational.

Being a diabetic for 27 years, with the last 3 on the pod, has not been without its challenges but I will remember your combined 104 years of diabetes experience and the fact you are both currently on the pod the next time I feel like complaining.

Thank you so much.

58 years. Wow! Congrats on your success. I'm still amazed at the idea of washing syringes every day for re-use, which I'm sure you did a long time ago...

I've been on the Pod for almost 1 year now. Really wish I'd started a long time ago. I'm a 40 year Type 1. I've only had one occlusion since starting on the Pods. I guess I'm lucky in that the only challenge I've felt that I've had is just getting used to the artificial lump that now adorns my body. I still have a few restless nights where I just can't get comfortable due to a particular location I've put the Pod on for that couple of days. Seems the best absorption locations are the worst for activity and sleep, and visa-versa.

Also, I too just now received my newest 3 month supply, of the old pods. Oh well, 3 more months of a larger pod is not that bad in the grand scheme of things I guess.

Andy, thanks for sharing.
I have been on the pods for almost one year. I totally share your view: not perfect but so much better then tubing. I was surprised that Tandem invested in one more conventional pump instead of improving tubeless pumping.

I used to use Humalog and then just for the heck of it tried Apidra (mu endo wanted to see what I thought of it) for a number of years. My problem with Apidra wasn't so much the 3rd day high BG, although I had some of them. I believe I became allergic to the Apidra (probably the preservative) significant rashes at the sites, but worse than that was the infected lumps that occurred under the skin near the end of the cannula. With antibiotics a couple took weeks to go away. These hard non inflamed lumps took weeks to go away. I had to go off Pods for a few weeks. First time I ever used Lantus and Humalog with MDI.
Remember i grew up in the days of glass syringes with needles you had to sharpen on a nail file with Pork & Cow Regular and NPH.

Andy and jla, I too find you both so inspirational. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and inspiration to keep going.

I am a 26 year Type 1 and have been on OmniPod for almost one year now. I agree that it's not perfect but it's definitely better than any other option to meet my needs.

In the last year, I've only experienced one pod that failed while priming and one pod that occluded on day 3. Most of the problems that I've had have to do with finding sites with good absorption - after 25 years of injections in my abdomen, that area is shot, and my hips have been hit or miss. I've had the best luck with my back and love handle area, but struggle with placement so as to be able to sleep comfortably. I have also had some problems with post change highs but that typically means that the site absorption is not the best (for me) - have had a few instances of day 3 highs but not always.

Thank you for your history with the Omnipod! I myself have never had any adhesion issues, but have had POD failures and had two PDM failures within 6 weeks (in addition to having to do soft resets more than once last year), so they replaced it.

I have never been on any other pump and often wonder if I should be on something else, but your comments convince me that I made the correct choice.

I also look forward to the new pods and PDM!

I think the OmniPod has been marvelous. I did 17 years on the MiniMed pump, moved to the OmniPod four years ago and am never looking back.

I have to brag that I did four half marathons last year and completed my first marathon with the OmniPod last month! I could not imagine trying to pull that off with my old MiniMed pump! I'm looking forward to the smaller pods and new PDM, too.