Experienced using MM Sports Gaurd when canoeing? Any tips?

Just got asked to go on a 2 day canoe trip…have never tried wearing my pump out on the water and really would rather not do shots. Is it a hassle and should I be concerned about damaging the pump?? Any experience on this subject, welcome:) PS: if I get dumped in the water…would only be in about 5 mins or so…not open water:) we will be on a river here in Missouri. The weather has been excellent here…would love to do this! Thanks in advance.

Thanks Dave:) So…you think if I get “dumped” in the river it will stay airtight? I don’t plan on this…but, just in case! Take care and appreciate your insights.

Thanks for detailed recs…I too am pretty risk tolerant:) and always have a backup plan. Thanks for the tips that will make this an enjoyable trip! Take care and be well Dave:)