Experiences with neurontin?

i’m on another thread that has touched on the drug neurontin. i was wondering if anyone here has taken this drug and how they felt on it.

I took one dose of neurontin. I took the amount my doc prescribed as being equivalent to the Lyrica dose I’d been on prior to trying Neurontin. Never again. It zonked me out. I use Lyrica which has other side effects but does not zonk me out in the slightest. It’s a lot more expensive, but I’m too active to be zonked. YMMV.

i need neurontin to deal with hot flashes at night, so for my situation i want to be zonked out.

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I hear you! Sometimes a pill that zonks is just what “the doctor ordered”. :slight_smile:

If you are familiar with the High PeaksTrail at The Pinnacles Nat Park in Calif, you will know why I say I can’t afford to be zonked. there are a number of trails there and I’m not sure of the one that goes up to the top, where you have to hold on to a handrail in some parts and other parts, if you slip off of the rocks, you will die for sure.