Experiences with RAPID deterioration of eyesight?

I'd like to hear from people who have experienced -- themselves or others -- truly rapid deterioration of eyesight from diabetes.

My family is riddled with diabetes, although all are Type 2 (except me). Mom has been diabetic since I was a child but never seriously took care of it until recently, perhaps the past six months or year. After I was diagnosed Type 1 in October she began taking better care of herself (actually testing and seeing an endocrinologist). She retired a couple of months back from job duties that included sitting in front of a computer monitor -- not as a secretary but as receptionist.

Over the past week, her eyesight has deteriorated dramatically. The ophthalmologist says its directly linked to diabetes; that isn't the question. But the rate of deterioration is alarming -- nearly hourly -- and corrective surgery (whatever that means) is at least two months off.

Mostly I wonder if the rate of deterioration is indeed so quick? In addition, is the deterioration permanent or reversible?

Thanks for any sharing.


Did the ophthalmologist give a specific name to the condition? Hopefully, someone can shed some light if they knew what it is.

BG going from consistently high to more normal quickly (or the reverse) causes changes in lens shape that effects vision, but it doesn’t last long.

Any time my blood glucose crosses 200, I become extremely near-sighted, and need glasses to read anything… I’ve always had 20/15 vision, so this is something I notice right away.