Experiencing Grace in the Summertime

Hi Guys!

Happy (almost) first day of summer! I just wanted to let you know I’m still alive and kickin’! Last month I celebrated my 31st birthday and 20 years of complication free diabetes. I am now a member of the Diabetes Daily family, and a regular contributor to their website through my blog, “Amazing Grace.” I have been on my insulin pump (Paradigm) for several months now and love it more than I thought possible. I’m still far from ready for a CGMS, though. I started my own personal website, but am putting it all together yet. I sort of abandoned my other site, Awakening Grace and my poetry blog because it was all too much to keep up with, but I do own the domain rights to my name (amyliagrace.com) and will be using that for my site. I’ll have my non-diabetes related writing there and some of my more woo-woo spiritual thoughts there.

I’m off to teach on the UW-Madison campus for three weeks as a writing teacher for future freshman of the university, and that will be a blast. I love teaching on the Madison campus, drinking and correcting papers on the union terrace overlooking Lake Mendota. We teachers live in the dorms like students and spend our late morning and early afternoons teaching writing and then take our own intensive 3 week graduate class there. It’s a joy to bond with other teachers an teach motivated students and pretend to be a professor of English and writing at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I start my graduate program in English/writing at Mt. Mary College in Wisconsin later this summer, so I hope to realize my dream of being an English instructor/assistant professor at a college/university here in America, as well as as published author. I am working on a travel/memoir/autobiographical book about my life with diabetes and my travels around the world and back home again. We’ll see how it turns out; I’m just beginning it. I never know exactly what my writing has in store for me when I begin; only that I must heed the impulse to start and follow it organically from there. I never write the way I teach my students to write, all mapped out and pre-thought out in outlines, but I don’t know too many writers who do.

What are you guys up to this summer? I still have no “real” job after my three week teaching gig at Madison, but I’m hopeful that student loans and some new work will show up and allow me to enjoy my graduate school life without fear of going broke! Enjoy this lovely weather and if you’re in the midwest like me, stay dry and be grateful for these sunny rain-free days. If you’re in NC like my sister and having a dry spell, remember us soaking folk in the Midwest and know that drought has its advantages, too. Drink some (sf) lemonade for me from those lemons and enjoy our fleeting but beautiful summer! Did anyone else have a koolaid pitcher like the one above in their youth? I loved that red pitcher. It always made me smile!

Please visit my blog and leave a comment. I miss your comments and connecting with each of you. It’s so important to my soul and my healthy mind, spirit and diabetes life!

I have been reading your posts on DD (among others) and like your writing.

Happy 29th birthday! :slight_smile:

Thanks,Stephen. I appreciate it.
29 every year, right??

Hey Fam! Sounds like you are doing fabulous (as always)!

I have read a few of your blog’s and they are great! I will check out your page. Take care and enjoy the wet weather…I miss the Midwest!! I miss cheap gas and wet days. I am in So Cal and it’s 104, dry and the gas is 4.59 a gallon

cheap gas? Well, we’re at 3.99, so I guess it’s a little cheaper!!

Good to see you back here Amylia. I read your blog fairly regularly and enjoy keeping up with your happenings. I’ve enjoyed my first week off from school, but unfortunately the weather is not cooperating here in the NW! Two weeks from today my husband and I head back to China to work at the orphanage I worked in last summer. Can’t wait to get back there:)