Experiential Diabetes Education

I just wanted to pop over to TuD quickly to share an experience that I'm still reeling from, from the weekend! Last Thursday - Sunday I joined ~45 other Type 1 adults in Haliburton, Ontario (Canada!) for a weekend that exceeded my every expectation. As hard as it is to believe, I actually feel like I got the chance to meet and get to know each of those 45 individuals learned something from each of them that I could never have learned from a diabetes clinic or my endocrinologists office.

After a weekend of snowshoeing, skiing, sitting around a campfire chatting, eating delicious food, playing a competitive game of Diabetium (like Cranium, but all diabetes!) I came home thoroughly exhausted.

People have been sharing their experiences here: http://bit.ly/hjFXwV for anyone interested in reading more.

I was wondering what experience other adults have had with non-clinical diabetes education. Has anyone else been to an event that made them think totally differently about the ways that we (adults in particular) are continuing to learn about diabetes? I would love to hear some stories and to get some new perspective/other people's ideas so we can continue to grow/expand/reach new limits in our own education (here in Canada, at least!)

How much does something like this cost? I presume that since it’s “non-clinical” it is an out of pocket expense. It looks like a lot of fun though!

Wonderful! Love the photo. :slight_smile: I was wondering who in your Group had the highest amount of Diabetes years and what is the amount??

Most of us have gained the most non-clinical Diabetes Education from Diabetes Online Communities. Continure having Fun Guys and Gals. :slight_smile:

@acidrock23 The weekend cost $200 for the three days… Unfortunately out of pocket :frowning: We’ve been working really hard to try to find a way to provide scholarships or something, though!

@Terrie Such a good question! To be honest, I’m not sure! It’s probably somewhere in the mid-30s? Maybe we should make an award for next year :wink:

Wow! You mean one of the CIM Members has had Diabetes for 30 some years? That’s Wonderful! I’m a bit surprised though. I thought CIM was for younger People with Diabetes. Isn’t there an age limitation for Members of CIM?

Yes, an award would be a Wonderful addition. A Goal to Live towards. One of our Members…(Shhhh–Danny) received a Beautiful Certificate for making it past the important milestone of 25 years with Diabetes. Diabetics also receive medals for 50 and 75 yrs. with Diabetes. Some Members here have passed their 50th yr. with Diabetes. Richard(65 yrs. D) is bound and determined to make it to his 100th year with Diabetes. Olaf reached his 66th yr. They all make us Proud! :slight_smile:

From the old person who stays in hotels perspective that’s actually really cheap!!