Experiment Week 0

Ok so this week I wanted to test out carbs that you can eat with your evening meal. To ensure that results are not biased in anyway I am going to be on exactly the same amout of basal , eat exactly the same thing during the day and do exactly the same amount of exercise. I am also going to be eating the same meal with my carbohydrate. I have made meatballs with redwine sauce as a portion contains less than 5gs of carbs.

The Carbs I will be testing this week are:




Cous Cous

I will also be having a glass of red wine with every meal as I wanted to keep the conditions as realistic as possible. I will not be injecting for my evening meal which is quite scary, but all in the quest for information. (please note that if I wasn't on a pump and able to correct immediatley there is no way that I would be doing this. I also certainly do not reccommed it for anyone at home). I will test at 1, 2 and 3 hours after eating unless I deem my blood sugar too high at which time it will be abort mission!! The idea behind this is that we all get told continuosly that this or that is 'good' for us as it releases it's energy (read as sugar) slowly. For anyone who is interested - here are the controlled conditions

Basal: 25 units Daily
Ratios: 0.75/10 grams
Correction 1/2

Pump: Minimed Paradigm Veo
Monitor: One touch Ultra Smart

Breakfast: Greek Yoghurt & Strawberries
Lunch: Tuna and Coleslaw Salad

Recipe for meatballs: Serves 3
12 Meatballs (bought is easiest)
1 can tomatoes
1/2 Glass Red wine
Basil, Oregano, Time
1/2 Onion
Good Handful Mushrooms

Sounds interesting cant wait for the results.Fingers crossed

Although you may not realize it, the tomatoes and onion add another 5g carbs/serving. Unfortunately, when you move to very low carb meals, it brings a whole new complexity to the whole carb counting. In the end, controlling the conditions and making them constant is probably what matters. I have the same thing for breakfast every morning and set my other meals according to a limited carb template. I think it really helps. Good luck with your experiment.

Ah - I am doing the opposite of low carb - I am eating a different carb with my meatballs everyday this week

Oh, I see. I’m confused. System normal. So are you going to have a fixed amount of carbs or a fixed serving size? I presume from your description that you are bolusing at 0.75/10g, but not correcting. Is that right?

ps. I could never just eat 4 meatballs. Well, perhaps if the meatballs were really, really big.

Fixed serving size, I figured that way was the most realistic - have a youtube channel that I will upload everything to at the end of the week

I’m interested in what you find.