Expert: My Cure to the ‘Poor Me’ Syndrome

Hi Everyone,

We ran an article this morning on Diabetes News Hound by a guest columnist that spoke about those days when you really, truly hate being diabetic. Check it out: Expert: My Cure to the ‘Poor Me’ Syndrome

I am curious to hear how everyone here deals with those days.


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When I get the ‘poor me’ syndrome because of all the ■■■■ I have to carry around I stop for a minute and think about how lucky I am to actually HAVE the ■■■■ to carry around. I’ve got a good job with good insurance and good doctors.

There are people in the world with the same disease who get nothing at all to help.


Good point.

Only get the “Rich” me thing once every 5 years or so. I’m a single 6 pack ab CEO in the web media biz who can kinda do anything anytime on 4 continents as long as few know I’m a diabetic except for my P.A. at work or house keeper at home. My reality check for me is reading what life was like just 80 years ago B4 insulin for type 1 diabetics it was a full on slow death sentence
That & a fine glass of wine after a good intense workout with a few good size n shape humbling waves & a sunset outside on the beach & I’m back feeling good again.
Be & Stay Well
Way more fun
PS I want to put up some cool Photos but I can’t ask anyone at the Office how. I am on my Blackberry all day with a camera. Only know how to email photos from the thing.I’m open to a “Quick n Easy” way to do it from my blackberry (:

As a guy, I absolutely hate carrying a bag, period. It’s so hard to find a bag that doesn’t look like a purse. Not too small or not too big… That’s my poor me syndrome…

My thoughts exactly. I am very grateful for all of the tools I have to manage my D. As much as I may get flamed for saying this, but I am also very grateful that I have D and not cancer or some other degenerative, uncurable, mind losing, paralyzing disease.