Experts Please Guide : Dawn Phenomenon


Nice to know yesterday am was high at 5am then next day at 5am was perfect.
Dynamic is all I can say.
Been moving out of honeymoon phase and now seeing what others were talking about with managing their numbers.
A cgm is not in my future…so I check myself fairly often.
I appreciate your sharing.
And send even keel numbers your way.


For me, that means very low carbing. sigh. :slight_smile:


Tim - here is the update on the afrezza direct purchase plan. I called the Direct Purchase hotline today (833-623-4843) and they confirmed the $4 a day deal has been extended at least through the month of February. They also apologized that the website has not been updated.


That is great. Hopefully they can get their website updated before the end of February if they actually are extending the offer.

Right now, the website clearly says it ends January 31, 2019 per my previous screenshot which is probably not necessary to upload again.

I have no idea what people may or may not be saying on message boards.


Good news - their website has been update. Better news is their CEO mentioned in an interview today they will be doing something after February.

Why is this important? afrezza is the fastest and easiest way to knock down high BG and its out of the body in 2 hours. Fiasp at about the 2 hour mark is peaking.

Its also possible to split a 12u cartridge into three 4u doses so the cost would be less than 50cents for 4u.


your first link doesn’t go to what I expected, George.


Dave - you are correct. I think it should work now.
It needed the www
try this -