Expired test strips

Hello everyone,

Should I avoid using expired test strips? I know I had seen someone on here tested with expired test strips and they worked they were comparing a CGM, new meter and old meter and they all had the same number. So I'm wondering if I could use them for emergencies maybe? My sister in law gave me a box of strips but they are expired so that's why I'm asking..

Theonetype :)

I have always wondered the same thing. In my early days of T2 when I was still in denial I tested so infrequently that my strips would expire. I used them anyway and I wonder now if they were still working. I can say that after obtaining a new supply that my reads didn't seem to change.

I wonder what the process is that causes them to go bad. I'm cynical and I think it's the strip manufacturer's way of saying HEY your not buying enough strips throw them old strips out and buy more.

I could be wrong, I frequently am.

Gary S

I’d try one and see how it goes? I’d bet 5 imaginary internet bucks that they’d work fine?

I read somewhere that a man who worked in the production of some brand of test strips said that they are fine up to 6 months expired. I have used them before and compared to newer ones, no difference.

There is an enzyme that is used in many (most?) test strips called glucose oxidase. It's very stable, but over time actually does deteriorate, particularly after the vial has been opened.


I think the worst enemies of strips are warm and wet, but as much as you keep them "well" I don't think a few months make a difference.
I wouldn't use them for emergencies, on the countrary I think it's better to use them as soon as you can and if you measure a low or you feel low use a new strip, just to be sure.

They are usually fine - the expiration date is over-dramatized by the companies who produce the strips because they want you to buy more and more.

To be safe, when using them, I'd check one with the control solution first to make sure you get the correct range.

True that makes more sense than to use them for emergencies …

I have a feeling I’m going to loose 5 imaginary Internet dlls lol!!