Expirences with seven plus

I’ m from germany and my english is not so good. But I hope you can understand me. My wife is a diabetic. We read an article about the system seven plus. We think it’s a good system for the own safety. Can you tell us about use the system ? How are your expirences with the system.

Best regards

The DexCom 7+ is a game changer. Being able to see the bg value at any time makes bg control so much easier. I called DexCom. DexCom does currently not deliver outside the US. Your only option is to have somebody buy the DexCom for you in the US and then have this person ship it to Germany.

Andreas – Your English is much better than my German! I wholeheartedly recommend the Dexcom 7+ system. I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for 25 years and I consider this technology a major advance in insulin therapy. I started on the Dexcom on September 4 of this year and my A1c has dropped from 7.2% to 6.5%.

Just as significant as that drop is, I have avoided and minimized dozens of hypoglycemic episodes. This unit can wake me up at night with both high and low blood sugar warnings.

After living with the Dex 7+ for 2 1/2 months now, I don’t want to ever go without one again. I look at it constantly during the day.

Good luck to you and your wife in managing her diabetes.