Express Scripts and Omnipod

I am wondering if anyone has had any luck getting express scripts to cover freestyle test strips for the omnipod. The information I have received says they will only cover onetouch products but I'm hoping that I can work something out to keep testing on the PDM.

Express likely has to follow the formulary for your insurance, so I would A) ask doc to request the strips you need on the RX and B) call your insurance and then C) call the pharmacy. Good luck. I have been able to get the strips that link to my pump by letting my provider(s) know why I need the specific brand.

One other thing to investigate is buying your test strips through your medical/pump supplier. On my previous insurance, if I bought test strips through the pharmacy, I was limited to the preferred formulary brands. But if I bought them through Edgepark, I could get whatever brand I wanted.

I switched to BCBS as of January 1 and have not yet ordered test strips. Because I am allowed to use Edgepark, I will order my Freestyle strips as usual when I next order pump supplies and hope for the best.

I get my pods direct from omnipod I'm not sure if they can send strips but I do get sensors from care centrix so maybe I'll give them a call. Thank you.