Extended Bolus Set-up

Hi, quick question. My husband started on Omnipod just shy of a month ago (we love it!) and at our last meeting with the rep, she talked about the extended (dual-wave, or square-wave, etc) bolus options available. We got side-tracked, though, and she never did actually show us how to set one up. I tried looking in the archives here, but haven't found the actual steps, and couldn't figure it out on the PDM. Please help!

You should see the option for an extended bolus after you've selected "Bolus" and entered the number of carbs you're eating. At the bottom there are choices for either "deliver" or "extend." When you choose extend, it will then ask what percentage of the bolus you want to deliver upfront and then how long you want the delivery of the remaining insulin to extend. For example, we do an extended bolus of 70% upfront with the rest extended over a 2 hour period when my son eats McDonalds or anything fatty/fried. Good luck.

I used it last night for our pizza night out. I use a 3/4 hour extention for that. Before using pods and on MDI I would usually end up with an insulin reaction about 2 hours after eating pizza and extremely high the next morning. Extended release is an awesome thing.

Like Allie replied, it should be the next to last step in setting up a bolus. The button in the middle while viewing the units to be delivered.

Awesome, thank you both so much! Don't know how its possible we never noticed that option after selecting a bolus! smh. The things that are right in front of your face... :)

Apparently extended boluses were turned off on his PDM- so that's why we never noticed it. It isn't an option until you go into your settings and enable it. Just in case others might have the same issue.

If you are having problems finding the extended bolus after a finger stick I would cancel and start over with the info you already have and when it asks to use the finger stick info say no and then it will show and extended bolus. A quirk in the software as near as I can tell. I love the pod system but arm strong the system to make it work for me. best of luck with all you do. Michael