Extending 630G Enlite Sensor past 6 days


You know? Might want to look into that some more. I’m in Washington and sail up the BC coast every summer, but many people I’ve encountered there have wasted no time in telling me how their system covers all that stuff…for free. (Originally from NZ, I know better)


I sure will look into it! (Fingers crossed - ALL would be nice!!)


It is the transmitter that expires. Mine (using Enlite and now Guardian) always lasted 7 days. When the transmitter loses its charge it signals the pump to require a new sensor and, accordingly, a recharge of the transmitter.

The transmitter doesn’t know weather you are using a new or used sensor. A sensor will work effectively for approximately 12 days (I have occasionally used a sensor for 17 days) the life of a sensor is determined by the effectiveness of the chemicals on the sensor’s “tail” inserted into the body. Once the chemicals start to deteriorate, your readings will become erratic and often causing the pump to report “Updating, do not enter BGs, may take up to 3 hours.”