Extending the FDA 7 day guarantee

I just received my Dexcom one week ago. Had hour glass appear 3 times today, then it stopped, doing anything. I clicked “start sensor” which I think was a mistake. Still nothing happening. What is the secret to get it to go beyond 7 days?

I just stop my sensor…then start a new one. My device will automatically do a 2 hour countdown. I did have some problems with my last sensor lasting, but I put it on my arm. I am guessing that is why it did not last as long.

You should be fine. Once you clicked “start sensor” it will restart the two-hour calibration process. After two hours it will ask you for two finger stick readings and then should work fine until 1) another 7 days is over, 2) the sensor runs out of chemical to react and read your sugar levels, or 3) it falls out! I don’t believe that it’s possible to skip that 2 hour calibration period every 7 days but I keep reminding myself that at least it’s not 10 hours! :slight_smile:

When you click “start sensor” (after it has expired) it will go through its usual two-hour startup period before asking you for two BG readings (just like if you’d inserted a new sensor). You did it correctly.

Thank you. Do I need to keep it within 5’ of my receiver during this 2 hour wait?

When you say “the start a new one” do you mean start a new transmitter?

No, as the purpose of the 2 hours is to give the sensor a chance to “wet” itself, or to get used to your body fluids. It doesn’t need the receiver at all for this. You will want to have the receiver near you towards the end so that it can start communicating with the transmitter and will be ready to go when you’re asked for your calibrations. As long as you’re in range during calibration though you should be fine.

Thank you

While I agree that it isn’t necessary to be within 5’ of the receiver during the start-up period, I always am. I’ve found that because I ALWAYS have the Dex with me (either clipped to my waist or hanging from a beltloop), I’ve created a sort of “habit” out of it (i.e., it feels weird if it’s NOT on me).

My two cents (probably worth only one) :wink:

Sometimes they do and sometimes they dont’t. I have had them last as few as five-days (call Dexcom if that happens, they’re pretty good about sending replacements) and as long as nine-days.I have only been using Dexcom for a couple of months, but as far as I know extending the use is by hitting “start sensor” and going through the calibration the same as if it were new.

Thank you.

I’m not sure, but I think you do, because the receiver is getting values during the 2 hour warmup, just not displaying them. I think they need to be within the 5 feet distance for this.

I typically get 9-11 days per sensor. I think the duration depends on the amount of highs I’ve had, more of these seem to deplete the sensor in some way. My biggest challenge is keeping it dry enough so that it doesn’t fall off early. I usually shower with my hand over the transmitter.

I know I’ve walked out of sensor range for an hour or two during warm up (doing laundry, showering, just enjoying being without the receiver when it can’t receive anyway!) and it’s been fine. Certainly the more you’re in range the better but I haven’t noticed a significant difference between when I’m constantly near the receiver and when I wander away during warm-up.

Thank you

Hmm, transmitter supposed to be good as much as 3’ under water. I guess the FDA agreed. Y do you feel you must protect it in the shower?
Anyone ever drop the receiver under water? What happened? Immediately distroyed, or what?

I just click Stop Sensor and Start New Sensor as if I was changing the sensor but don’t actually take off and change it. The machine doesn’t know whether you’ve changed the plastic insert part, it is only communicating with the insert. Good luck

In this situation do you still have to wait 2 hours and than calibrate twice? I assume you do but like to be sure.
Thanks,good stuff, Todd.

I have the new Dexcom Seven Plus and I have been stopping sensor and immediately starting sensor after seven days and when the hour glass begins showing me my time remaining. Then wait about two hours and enter the two drops of blood readings as directed.
I am now into early 10th day. I am finding my blood test result and receiver reading are now off more than usual. Is this what will always happen or does receiver just stop and I am experiencing a coinsidence.
Dexcom recommends seven days simply due to the fact that 7 days is what the FDA decided to approve. Mine worked just fine during the 8th and 9th day.
I love this low sugar reaction eliminator.