Extending your Dexcom sensor past expiration

I am still on my first G5 sensor, which reached its expiration last night. Unfortunately, the timing was not good, as I was in a meeting when the warmup period ended, so I couldn’t enter any meter readings for about the first hour after the warmup period ended. Is there any way to “pre-expire” a sensor to a more convenient time? If I could have done that a couple of hours earlier, I would have been able to enter readings immediately following the end of warmup.

Hi Jim.

You can always end a session when you want but you should be still good. You don’t have to enter the readings immediately when told to do so. I’ve done it many times. Obviously, I don’t have readings while it’s waiting for the first 2 numbers, but you can enter the numbers when you have the chance and the sensor should still work perfectly fine.

The selection is called “Stop Sensor” at the bottom of “Main Menu”.