Extra G6 Receivers

I understand that per the forum rules we cannot distribute products of any kind or do giveaways. This post is just about asking the community in general…

I’m just trying to find a good home for 2 Dexcom G6 receivers. It’s a really long story but I paid for and received extra receivers. They are currently just sitting in their original boxes in my closet collecting dust. They have never been used.

How do I help get these devices to people who need them? Thanks!

You two need to keep replies like that off the threads and stick to private messages. The OP tactfully didn’t break the law, but you two are by soliciting prescription goods and posts will be removed now.

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I’m sorry, Robyn, I wasn’t intending for anyone to get in trouble especially for being so new here. I just wanted to check in with the community if there were avenues I didn’t think about. The normal supplies donation I use said they are not accepting the receivers for some reason (but all the other supplies they do??).

@RyeFry @Robyn_H Was only trying to help to let the two people know they needed to private message you or the thread might have been removed by a moderator. It wasn’t really anyone getting in trouble so much as the thread could have been shut down by their replies.


You didn’t do anything wrong @RyeFry, it was the first two posters who responded to you for all to see, including any snooping law officials, who were the ones out of line. Hence why their posts were removed. Your post was very tactfully written to stay within site guidelines.

I’m sure there are plenty of willing charitable recipients, but I would hold on tight to them for a little while until all the paperwork settles. Wouldn’t it be horrible to get a bill for them all later?

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I live in Los Angeles
There is a homeless shelter and a shelter for abused women here.
If the facility has a nurse or a doctor they will accept donations of unused and opened supplies.
You have to ask and find the hours.
You can’t just leave them at the desk.
At least here ,you need to hand them to a nurse
Then they can give them to people who need them who also have prescriptions.
They might have similar rules where u live.