Extra pods

To survive the 21st I today have ordered an extra box of pods......

....and in addition I urgentlyr ecommend you to do the same right now!

Regardless of the reason, you do bring up a very good point - to never let supplies get too low. You just never know what could happen with weather or any other natural or man-made disaster that could limit your access to supplies for an extended period of time, something we can ill afford.

Happy Holidays everyone!

And you Rob. Thanks for your good advise. You're absolutely right. I was just joking about the "Maya hype". Personally I always order 3 boxes 1 month beforre I run out of stock. Not only for disasters but also for the reason I once received a box with pods that didn"t work. Fortunately replaced by the Dutch distributor within 24 hours.

If the precictions are true, you'll have some left over.

This got released early. I think it explains things quite well...


:-) :-)

Lol, that made me laugh quite loud Jim. I've stopped paying all my bills, gave my two weeks notice, and charged up my credit cards too. It'll be a great two weeks! Good thing I won't be around to have to pay Visa back.

Hey, I got an idea. Let's all post CC #'s and party like it's 1999. :)

I've got a neighbor that still has MRE's from that fun time (pre 2000 scare.) He'll not need to use them this time either.

Lol, what a great idea. Remember those days fondly (in the 'puter business-kept us pretty busy). I think I'll return the Christmas gifts I bought too - won't be needing to give those away either.

LOL. & none of us will need our 'little pancreases'!Pancri?