Extra weight for diabetics

How much extra weight do you carry on your bike because you’re a diabetic?
Meter , cgm, pump, and fast acting sugar. I bet it could be close to 4 pounds.

CGM (transmitter on my arm and receiver in my pocket) and Shot Bloks (which I would carry anyway).

For road riding the receiver goes in one of my rear jersey pockets.

For MTB, the receiver goes in my Nema shorts leg zipper pocket or one of the pockets on my Osprey Manta 25 backpack (which already weighs a ton -- maybe 20+ pounds -- because I carry an entire bike shop in there plus my Nikon D300 and strobe flash plus 110 oz. of water in the Osprey bladder...).

My diabetic supplies are negligible in terms of weight gain for me.


I have my Pump, Cgm, meter, and Cliff blocks. Most riders have cliff blocks. But I am so glad I am not running with all this gear.

Kent good luck with the heat!! It is 92 here in Ohio with high humidity.

All my non diabetic buddys are allways tring to reduce weight to get faster.
And I carry around all these extra stuff around.