Extra What?!

To go over the infusion site. When my daughter swims, the sticky tape around the infusion site will often start to come loose. We cover it with Tegederm to waterproof it.

Hi Marie. I forget my cell phone charger too.

Ohhh. Ok. Thanks.

Be very careful about storing insulin in a fridge while traveling. I’ve had it freeze on me because it was set wrong. Maybe you could verify before using it to store insulin.

This is very true about the fridges which is why I prefer the idea of a frio wallet - that way it is kept cool enough without freezing and is well worth the expense - note to self - buy one next pay day and practise what I preach! Thankfully I found mine just in time - noticed the milk was having ice crystals in it.

Mike, my husband just got Ray and I one each and we have not used them yet. Guess there is no better time to use them than now.

If your cabin is air-conditioned (it likely is), I wouldn’t even bother refrigerating it. There’s really no reason to.