Extreame exercise workout- odd readings afterwards

Hello, its been a long time since logging onto the site. Anyway, I have begun seriously working out again (now that the weather is getting nice again) and have seen twice now very strange readings after I get done working out. Here is the scenario:

This is my new workout gear :-)

Dressed in my gear I either walk on the treadmill or more recently get on the elliptical machine for 30 min. and do Cardio training masked up but not (on air...Yet). My goal is 45 min but after 30 min I am pretty much wiped out. Oh my do you sweat with all the gear on.

Twice now on different days I have taken a reading of my sugar (type 2) to see where I am and if I need to eat before actually starting. Both times now my before readings have been in the 100-115 range. After working out for 30 min on the elliptical machine I stop, take my helmet off & mask and test myself again. Here is where it gets strange and I am hoping someone can explain why this is happening...

Both times after working out like this and testing myself afterwards my reading is lower, usually in the 75-80 range (down from 100-115), however 20 min after taking that reading I will take another reading and my # has gone up! say to 90-100? Same meter, same test strips batch, I use a Bayer Contour USB that is very accurate and I trust all other times so I dont think it is a problem with the meter?

What would cause my numbers to go down only to go back up 20-30min after working out and having cooled off a bit from strenuous exercise. I have not eaten anything in between just drank a truck load of water (after the workout).

I stay hydrated throughout the day right up to the point where I mask up. I cant drink while I am masked up cause the SCBA mask is fit tight to the face, I cant ware a Camelbak cause I already have a cylinder on my back. I drink like mad though after the workout.

Any insight on this?


Adrenaline and other stress hormones? I have this happen too, although my workout clothes aren’t fireproof!!

I was talking to another my Deputy Chief tonight (he is type 2) and he reported that this was normal, as far as the rise, this was caused by stored carbs in your system being released into the body (blood stream) or something along those lines. Not sure if this makes sense or not. It just seems strange to me that I could be low and see a rise so quickly, 1/2 hour after stopping.

Any others experience this?

When I mountain bike (10-20miles) on average, my sugar lowers but I find even after several hours of being off the bike my sugar levels havent risen that much.

A normal healthy counter regulation. As your chief pointed out the energy is coming from the deposits of your liver. This organ is constantly releasing small amounts of energy (that is what the basal insulin is for in insulin dependend diabetics). With higher needs of energy the liver can release additional amounts and your workout gave good reason to do so. This is something that is not broken. Just celebrate it!

Ok, cool :slight_smile: I will Rock onward. I just got home from working out 10 min ago. 30 min on the elliptical. Call me crazy but it feels good to sweat that much. T-shirt and blue jeans soaked after the workout. I didnt notice that much of a drop though today, I started out at 136 and finished at 110.