Eye update

So, it’s been a little over a month since my 2nd vitrectomy in my right eye, andmy vision is getting better, but everything still looks like I’m seeing through a fish bowl. And everything looks wavy, like, straight lines look very wavy and crooked, is this normal? Will it get better?


You may see improvement with the wavy lines but be prepared if your vision is never completely normal again. It will probably be very good vision, good enough for you to function at a very high capacity.

I myself have some distortion in each eye. I have wavy lines too, occasional floaters. Sometimes things aren’t 100 percent clear like they were years ago. I still have pretty decent vision. I can read, drive, thread a needle, hit a bullseye with a gun and work with detailed numbers. Eventually you get used to a new normal.

Things will continue to improve for you. One month is not a full recovery time.

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Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

I have this in my multiple-vitrectomy “bad” eye. When it’s as clear as it gets, if I spread my fingers and look at my hand, my fingers look like they bend in different directions, and wherever I focus on is thinner than the rest of the finger.

You are still early in the recovery phase, though, so there is lots of time for full recovery and improved vision. In some cases it can take close to a year. The fact that you see clearer, rather than things being foggy, is a good sign, I think. Do you have a follow-up scheduled with your surgeon or ophthalmologist?


I had a viterctomy in my right eye four years ago and in my left eye three years ago. My right eye has stabilized at 20/60 and my left eye has stabilized at 20/30. The left eye was followed up with several Eylea injections. The retinologist feels the membrane in the right eye either was not completely removed or has grown back. In any event, both eyes have remained stable in their current state for the past 18 months.