Ez Manager Master Food Database (Stuck in Canada)

Since I’m stuck here in Canada and Animas isn’t being friendly with the food database I was wondering if someone from the States would be kind enough to export the Master Food Database. When you click on the food database it brings you to the Meter Food DB. If you click on Add food from Database it opens the master food database. There’s a button at the bottom that says export. Just click on that and save the file and upload it here if possible please. The file should be *.ezf.

I did manage to find a Device food database, but it won’t upload as a master to create my own device lists. It’d be nice to have a master list to create my own custom device list, without having to manually enter every single item.


how come we cant get the food data base up here? is the info different or something? I thought about creating my own, but I don’t have that kind of time!!

Legal issues more or less. Think the same reasons we aren’t allowed Hulu or a decent variety on Netflix. That and the information may be slightly different as it’s a US based set of info so Canadian nutrition information may differ. Especially considering the differences between the Canadian Food guide and then the conversions from American measurements. A 341ml can of pop here in Canada is what 8 ounces in the states iirc.

Of course Animas gives the reasons of things like baby food being included and it would just be easier to create our own. Which is just smoke.

There is no way to export the master list. I checked. The export button is on the personal data base but not on the master database.

Perhaps a different version then perhaps. I have version 3.0.7 and the button is there. See screenshot below:

You do have a different version that I do. But looks like both of us do not have the most up to date version of the software. There is a version. Mine is 2.0.14 version. I plan on calling Animas on Monday and requesting the newer version if possible. With my luck the newer version of the software is not available in the USA.