Facebook Applications

I’m excited and wanted to share. I just created my first Facebook application. It’s called What Would You Do?. It’s just a little bit of fun and doesn’t take much time to play or add to a profile.

What I find interesting about Facebook, tudiabetes, diabetesfriends.net and other social places is that they are starting to open up and let people not just communicate with each other, but also to work together.

While my app is just s little fun thing to do I can see open platforms work to integrate helpful tools and mash up parts of other web sites and applications to let people find one or many communities to do more and do it together. It makes me think of ways of integrating My Insulin Log or some of the other great logging tools into communities like this.

While that is currently just an idea in my head - the app is ready and raring to go! So, if you have a moment, have a facebook account, and want to waste a few minutes… pop on in and check out What Would You Do?. If you like it, leave me some feedback here or there, pop it in your profile and share it with your friends.


that was fun!

I’m glad you like it. Sometimes levity is a great thing!