Factory Recall

“Don’t forget to bolus for that.”
“Me? Don’t worry, I am making my own insulin these days!”
“Yeah right!”
“Seriously. Why couldn’t my pancreas just start working?”
“Can you grow a new heart? A new lung? A new leg if I cut it off?”
"I don’t know. "
“You don’t know? Of course you can’t. When they are gone they are gone just like your pancreas. Does not work. Stick up the out of order sign. Done. Finished. Capput!”
“Yeah, but I was only two! What kind of a pancreas gives up at two?”
“I wish I knew.”
"Well that’s just stupid. I only had a pancreas for two years and it will never work again??"

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Love it! I wrote a similar blog awhile ago… called Attention diabetes I have a message for you. Check it out!