Fad diets and too short days, what can we do?

Hi! I have decided that I can’t afford to replace my wardrobe again (had to buy new clothes when I lost weight before diagnosis) and I actually liked how I looked when I was smaller. Unfortunately I work full time and go to school full time. I don’t seem to have time to sleep let alone go grocery shopping and/or prepare healthy meals with said groceries or get any kind of physical activity other than climbing the one flight of steps at work. I have been trying to stick with a moderate to low carb diet since diagnosis, but I have serious commitment problems. My mother’s idea of grocery shopping involves a lot of bad foods (ie chef Boyardi, Mac and cheese, cookies, etc) so I can’t seem to rely on her shopping for me nevertheless I have managed to kind of maintain my diet at least in principle. The problem is that I keep gaining weight. I spend a lot of time online doing research and my school is online, and I keep seeing all of these targeted adverts for garcinia Cambodia and various detox pills. I’m actually considering giving it a try but that could just be increased sensitivity to suggest ability due to lack of sleep. And im rambling again. I want to know if anyone has tried this or has any information that would be beneficial. I will also like some suggestions on what more I could be doing to shed these pounds because at this point I’m wishing the days were longer :-/