Falling apart

Sorry about your loss and can feel for you, We lost one about 43 years ago and I still miss our “baby” It is tough but you seem to be handling it very well. Time will heal the hurt and the rest will have to be chalked up to a life experience, making you a deeper, richer person. We have been blessed with another who is loads of fun and has given us two of our 7 grandchildren,.All the best

Just updating. I went to the doctor today. She said that the odds are good that it was a full miscarriage but my numbers are not quite back to normal. She wants follow up bloodwork Thursday and depending on the results, an ultrasound to make sure it wasn’t a partial miscarriage or a tubal pregnancy. We discussed my risks for pregnancy in the future. I have done the research, and I know that it is possible. This proves it in a way. But we also did seriously discuss the risks, and possible outcomes. I don’t think I’m ready to make that decision right now, and she agreed. Full planning and discussion with a high risk doctor when I am ready to seriously think about it again. Thank you all for being here. The past few days has taught me a lot. I still ache and hurt inside, but I think I would worry more if I didn’t, so that’s ok. The more I talk about it all, the easier it gets. Some of it still hits home and makes me cry, I still have that sad smile and hurt eyes when I consider what would have happened if I’d have been able to keep it. But that’s ok I think. I fell apart, now it’s time to start picking up pieces. I have help and am loved.