Falling in love with life again!

Yesterday, we once again had our local pumpers’ meeting…
It was such a moving experience!
The baby boy of one of us was born two weeks ago, and she just brought him along!
Cute little thing, totally healthy and his mum felt so fine…
We had joined her struggle for healthy BS during her pregnancy, and now, everything’s fine… :slight_smile:
This is just encouraging. By the way, our Diabetes assistant told us she’s pregnant, too :wink:

We talked about the times of crisis in our life with d, when we all hated it and sometimes even thought it wasn’t worth living ;
but now, we’re quite happy, even with or without betes… It doesn’t matter. And a mother who had just been waiting in our room, showed “our” baby to her diabetic teenage girl afterwards, just to give her some hope… I really wish that all others who struggle to live with d will find their joy of life again. It IS possible, we’ve gone through it, and we’ve found our ways out of it, back into life…

I felt very touched that evening.

Amen to that Astrid!

nice talk :slight_smile:
I hope that too.