Family Denial and Food

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One of the things that has really started to erk me a year out from dx is people criticizing the way I eat and constantly trying to get me to eat things that are horrible for anyone to eat. The worst, even though I love her to death, is my mother. I love visiting my family but I despise going home because she is always trying get me to eat like I did a decade ago when I was in high school. Pasta, potatoes, white bread, lots of extra fruit, white flour tortillas for tacos, white buns, french fries and more potatoes. First off even before I was diabetic I had cut out pretty much everything in the previous list with the exception of about a potato per day and the occasional taco, but even then I have been using whole wheat tortillas for a few years. I eat baked beans or red beans with salsa and cheese instead of potatoes. I eat raw vegetables (carrots, peppers and celery) and fruit (apples, grapes) instead of bread for extra in meals. I eat whole grain breads and spinach or spring mix salads instead of pasta. I’ve told her this so many times it’s really unbelievable. My dad completely gets it even though he has absolutely no medical knowledge except to not go to the doctor for a cold and put some ice on it if it hurts. My mom has medical training and the fact that she can’t understand where I’m coming from is absolutely unbelievable.

I think the biggest thing for her is that she is still in complete and utter denial about…

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