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Well, my husband thinks I’m testing too often. My doctor gave me a schedule that has me testing twice a day, staggered throughout the day. I have been ignoring that and testing two hours after every meal, sometimes more.

So DH is concerned about the expense and thinks that I’m getting obsessive. He thinks that if I am spiking then it will show up even with the staggered schedule. He thinks that the reason the doctor is being so lax about everything is that we have caught it “so early.” He thinks that the way to avoid spikes is just to eat less food.

I have tried explaining to him that all of the advice I’m seeing online differs from my doctor’s advice (the recommended target numbers are lower, the testing schedules are much more frequent). I have tried explaining that complications from diabetes are no joke and I want to get it in control ASAP.

His father had high blood pressure at one point. He got really obsessive about it and was testing like 6x per day. I think that my husband thinks I’m going to get obsessive with testing.

I also think that since he doesn’t have diabetes in his family it doesn’t seem like as big a deal to him. He actually said “It’s only type 2, all you have to do is lose weight.” I think, on the other hand, that if I can get my insulin and glucose under control, I can probably lose weight. Chicken and egg.

I totally understand his concern with test strips that cost $1 each. With the infertility treatments and everything else we have to pay for, I guess he didn’t expect to have such an expensive, unhealthy wife. I’m just not sure that I want to compromise on this.

i would say do what YOU feel comfortable with since it is your body. when it comes to health too often due to lack of insurance, or other reasons we tend to ignore it until it is a BIG problem. Believe me, I know, I had no insurance for 6 years and didn’t go to the doctor other than my comp doc. then I got put into the icu for dka. not fun, had to go to the state to pay my doc nd hospital bills. maybe if i had had regular check ups we could have caught it before it almost killed me. Now, I do what feels right to me. and lets face it until you are the one with the problem you just don’t understand the disease. Besides tell him if he wants a healthy baby you have to be healthy first! good luck!

Sounds like my husband! Do what you feel comfortable doing!

Hi Misty! It is really hard for other people to “get” diabetes. There are so many misconceptions about it in our society. Education is key. Help him get more info about diabetes. The fact that you are trying to get pregnant makes this ALL THE MORE IMPORTANT. He should understand that controlling your diabetes is SO important during pregnancy!

If you don’t have insurance coverage for test strips, check out this meter from Hock’s Pharmacy. It is reported to be very accurate and much cheaper than others.
Meter link
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I do have coverage but a very high deductible. I will check out the meter.

I think he is just not taking it seriously enough because his perception is that it is ‘barely’ a problem. But is there really such a thing?

i think the quote that i heard earlier this week was “diabetes is like being pregnant, you aren’t “borderline” pregnant or “barely” pregnant, and neither is diabetes”