Family Ties

Well today was our big day away from home. Of course I’ve taken Olivia out for a few hours, but today we were gone the entire day and into the evening. First, we went to a big craft show where Gwen and Olivia were able to make the own stuffed animal (a knock off of “Build A Bear”). Before the stuffed animal was closed up they were given a foam heart that they had to kiss and make a wish. This heart was then placed inside the stuffed animal. Gwen made her wish and Olivia really didn’t know what was going on so we all kissed her heart and wished for good health!! Before we left the craft show we had to make sure that both the girls got to ride in a cart pulled by a miniture horse. That was a blast. Gwen did it last year, but this was Olivia’s first experience. She loved it. You could hear her little squeals of laughter.

Next, we went to my mother's family reunion. It went pretty well, but I did see more of Olivia's stubborn side. Usually at home, she is very good about getting her fingers pricked to check blood sugar. Today was a different story. There were tons of kids running around, games to play, and a good sized playground. She was having too much fun playing and didn't want to stop for a blood sugar reading. She would respond with a "NO WAY"!! I finally got her within reach (she is a pretty fast runner! LOL) and I felt like I was in a wrestling match. The whole family is watching which made it worse. I wanted her to show them how good she has been with the pokes. I wanted everyone to see the little "trooper" shining through -----WRONG! This happed with each time I checked her and I checked her more than normal since she was so active. The good side - all her blood sugar readings were great. The bad side - she wore me out! Then the comments from the family asking me, "Does she always do this when it is time to check?" I told them that she is just like any kid who is having fun - They don't want to stop what they are doing for any reason! Overall the day went well and Olivia and Gwen had fun. I also found out that there is some family ties to diabetes. It turns out that my aunt has Type 2 and her granddaughter has type 1 - This I already knew. What I didn't know is that my great grandmother also had type 2. More of a family history than what I thought.

Olivia and her big sister, Gwen, fell asleep on the way home! I hope they are not up all night!!!