Fancy swim watch!

I've been swimming 2-3 times most weeks for a month now, so I rewarded myself by buying a fancy swim watch. I can't really afford it, but ... IT'S THE COOLEST THING EVER! When I get near my computer it AUTOMATICALLY downloads any new data!!! Why can't my pump do that?!?!

Tonight I only swam 1 km because I was playing with my new watch. I can't really see the screen when swimming, but the buttons beep when I press them and all you really need to do is start it and it records everything automatically So cool! It made a few errors (it said I swam 1,075 m which I don't think is right, though it's possible I swam 1,050), but I apparently swim well enough that it can identify my stroke correctly (which was a complaint on some reviews, if you swim sloppily it can't figure out your stroke).

The data it collects is a bit overwhelming, I think I need to pick something to focus on in getting better, maybe swimming more laps in less time. It was interesting because I swam for 35 minutes but according to the watch only 25 minutes were actually spent swimming and 10 were spent resting, which I believe. I was pausing the watch when I rested but I don't think I need to actually do that, I think it can detect when I'm not moving ...

Anyway, I will probably go swimming again tomorrow. I only swam once last week and it was in the tiny hotel pool. I spent it mostly just kicking back and forth since the pool was too small to do much else, but at least it was exercise.

Tonight my blood sugar was 5.9 (106) about an hour before swimming, so I ate 15g of carbohydrates (fruit snack thing) with no bolus, and didn't make any changes to basal rate. Right before swimming I was 6.9 (124), and right after I was 4.7 (85) and I bolused a unit even though that is counter-intuitive. An hour later I was 5.1 (92) and 45 minutes after that I was 6.2 (112), so I think that is pretty awesome! The best blood sugar control I've had yet. Hopefully I can do it again when I go for a longer swim! I just had a 25g dinner so hopefully my blood sugar will still be good in a few hours.

Well, two hours after dinner I am 16.5 (297). Oh well, at least my blood sugar was good for the swimming part. I'm going to correct but set my alarm to wake up at midnight to make sure I don't go low.

I agree that fancy watches are a blast! I love my Garmin for running. I used to come home and sweat all over the computer using but the Garmin does it automatically and keeps a great log of things!

I'd add that my Medtronic pump/ CGM links automatically with my computer and that's also extremely handy. My doc has my account info and it works great so that they can d/l my reports and we are all on the same page.

That is totally awesome. Although it may be a splurge, you really need to think about your exercise as an "investment." If the watch helps keep you going and interested in swimming, then it the investment is worth it.

Congrats on your swim and your watch. Great job on your numbers for your swim.

The Minimed pump downloads automatically??? Downloading from my Ping is a slow and painful process (and downloading from my Cozmo was even worse).