Another post-op appointment for my eye today. It's been about a week and a half since my fourth eye surgery. I had an issue to discuss with my doctor and was eager to see him for this reason.

When I first arrived at the Eye-Q center in Selma I noticed the lobby was packed. August tends to be a busy month for eye exams. I suppose it is because August is national eye exam month, and also because of kids going back to school and needing to be able to see well. Good job at waiting until the very last minute, parents.

I checked in and then found a seat and waited my turn. Despite the full lobby, it didn't take long to be called in. Probably because my visit is with a specialist, so he wasn't quite as busy with regular exams and such? Just guessing here. In any case, I rarely have to wait very long to see Dr. Hunter even though he's always busy.

At Eye-Q as with other offices, each doctor has his own set of nurses and they work together as a team. So when a patient like myself is seen on average once a week, we get to know each other. This is one reason I love Eye-Q, everyone is so personable, kind, and caring. They actually stop, listen, and intereact with you, not rush, rush, and only react, like some other offices. These people actually love thier jobs and live to help others in a caring way.

I am embarrassed to admit I am absolutely terrible at remembering names, but the nurse I had today was the male nurse. Like all the nurses there, he is kind and makes me feel comfortable and welcome. He called me back for what I call the pre-visit work up.

He showed me into the pre-exam room, a room with just regular chairs and a desk with computer, and asked how I had been doing since my last visit.

"Wonderful. I can see!" I said.

The nurse smiled big and replied, "You can? That's great! You must be so happy."

"Yes, and relieved, I was worried there for awhile."

"I know, it's been a lot of work. Dr. Hunter is going to be so excited when he hears this."

"He's awesome, he's a miracle worker."

"That he is, he's been working hard on this, and for a long time."

The nurse checked my vision and eye pressure then asked me to wait in the small waiting room until they got a regular exam room ready. I sat and waited a short while before being called in again.

A few minutes later Dr. Hunter came in with his usual happy greeting and handshake.

"Hello again, Tamra, how have you been? Any pain?" He asks.

"I'm doing great. I've had pain everyday since the surgery but it's totally tolerable."

"On a scale, how bad?"

"pshh, like a two."

"OK, let's take a look."

He examined my eye fairly thoroughly and made notes. He used the word 'fantastic' more than once which made me smile. He likes to use that word and it always makes me wonder if he's a Dr Who fan...I should ask him some day. ![|500x283](upload://1LZGJc3N2dVX2RYLE85GMEzvzy3.png)

As he examined my eye he asked how I was doing with positioning (staying bent forward so my eyes are always facing to the ground). I said I was doing good with it and then I mentioned my concern.

"Every time I look up I feel a lot of pressure and more pain in my eye."

"Well, your pressure is good, it's 10, that's very good."

After the exam was complete he mentioned that the corneal abrasion had not healed up yet and would continue to cause some discomfort until it did.

"Corneal abrasions can take longer to heal in diabetics. We'll keep an eye on it."

He asked about my medications and then ordered more and went over them with me before ending the appointment.

"Things look great, we'll see you in a week. It's nice to see you again, call me if you need anything."

I thanked him, and that was that...until next week.

So pleased for you!

i'm so happy for you!

I had an abrasion following cataract removal. It was painful and took forever to heal. But you know I got through it and I am fine. I woudl never wish it on anyone, but I am happy I had the cataract out no matter that it resulted in this darn abrasion. I wish you the continued best......................rick

Yeah, with each of my four surgeries the doctor had to intentionally give me a corneal abrasion. They are not comfortable, but until this one they each healed quickly. My eye has a lot of healing to do still, but I am so grateful to my doctor for not giving up and for giving his all to helping save my sight. All-in-all this has been quite a ride with it's ups and downs. I think the end result is going to be worth it all. :)

I'm so glad you're doing well. I see the retina specialist on Wednesday and am hoping I do as well as you are!

Good luck to you!