FAQ - Diabetic at Burning Man

Burning Man 2007 starts Monday, Aug 27 & runs through Labor Day. I get a real kick out of FAQ they created for insulin-users who plan to go. I would guess the FAQ was written after somebody had big trouble with the big D. I read & think it says please be responsible for yourself because it’s a rough world out there. That’s good advice for me any time.

Has anybody here ever gone to BM?

FAQ - Diabetic at Burning Man

“What Is Burning Man?
Every year, tens of thousands of participants gather to create Black Rock City in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, dedicated to self-expression, self-reliance, and art as the center of community. They leave one week later, having left no trace.”

I like the faqs about what diabetes is, well duh thank you! I’m a boring mama so I’ve never been there, sounds like something I would have done back in the day!

Oh, me, either.