Farewell spontanaiety


one thing i really, REALLY miss with having diabetes is not cake, candy, ice cream or chocolate. it’s actually…being spontaneous.

it’s only been 2 and a half months, but i’m still not used to having to meticulously plan my days around my meals. this is especially when i go out for meals with my friends. i sometimes think i must be really pesky, always asking what time they estimate dinner will begin, what time and where to meet, or if we are even having dinner together before that movie. stuff like that. and i always beg them not to delay meals by too long a time, because i will definitely end up low. everything requires planning now and my life has never been that way before i was diagnosed. but i love them all because they’re so understanding and they don’t get mad at me.

just for laughs, i’ve threatened to make one of them drive me to the hospital if i have a bad hypo due to his lousy dinner planning skills. of course, he didn’t know that i can treat my own hypos! haha!!

it doesn’t help that i’m hesitant to get an insulin pen because they are more expensive and i don’t know if i’ll be on insulin in the long run, or even permanently. i miss the days when i could just grab my mobile phone, wallet and stuff them in a bag and walk out without worrying about forgetting to take along my testing kit, sugar, and snacks. and i always forget to bring snacks along with me!

this will probably get better in time. i constantly remind myself that i am a rookie diabetic and i have lots to learn and lots to learn from.

on another note, my friends and i threw a surprise birthday shock for our children’s ministry director from church. we bought her a HUGE bunch of gorgeous gerberas and a gigantic chocolate banana cake. it was her husband’s birthday (well it is today!) and we got him a small durian cake. durian is this STINKY fruit which people in southeast asia seem to enjoy, but i detest. i was really good and spent the night drinking sugarless tea and laughing. i wasn’t even tempted by the sight of cheesy pizza! the scent of the cake and cookies was enough for me. come to think of it, i thought the look of the chocolate fudge was a little too overwhelming. i must be turning into a health nut.

but yes, i AM getting the hang of this diabetes thing!!


oh I hear ya!! once at a BBQ someone offered me “hotdogs, hamburgers, chips cookies, coke, whatever you want.” I looked at my watch ang said I cant eat for another 15 mins. they looked at me like I was nuts. know what I’m no longer tempted by… French Fries. Ive been around them but I havent had 1 in 2 months! ya me! as for movies… I sneak string cheese and baby carrots into the movie theater, I feel better if I purchase a diet coke or water. spontanaiety? whats that??


Oh god, i know how you feel. I’m not even that strict on what i eat now that i have diabetes. but having to eat all the time bugs me! I didn’t realize how i use to skip breakfast, eat a snack bar for lunch and at dinner realize that i’m ‘a little hungry’ and cook a massive meal. Not so healthy i know but thats the way i liked it. I could go out and not have to worry about having extra money, snacks, my tester and all the other crap that goes along with it.

loosing that spontaneity is the worst side effect of diabetes.