Fast weight loss, anyone?

So, as I mentioned, I was just dx’ed last Monday. The sugar is OUT!! :smiley: Best news of all?? I am SHRINKING!!! 14 lbs gone in about 3 weeks!! Lots more to go, but I’m on the path!! Anyone else?

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Love the idea of fast weight loss, but alas not in this corner of the World. Well done!

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I can’t remember the rest of your story, but whatever method you’re doing, try to make it sustainable over the long run. Fast weight loss almost always precedes subsequent weight gain to an even more elevated level.

Make this a change in the way you eat, not a diet. I would be especially wary if your change needs a lot of willpower. Good luck! Make this stick!


I apparently sit in the same corner, @Pastelpainter. Fast weight GAIN, on the other hand is just one meal away…


Hey, Terry. :slightly_smiling:

I was just dx’ed last week. I have been advised to try low carb/high fat, and wow…it’s working!!! I see a diabetes educator next week to work on my readings–getting accurate ones and determining how often to test. My sugar cravings are gone, and my metabolism is finally waking from the dead after several years. Down 14 lbs in 3 weeks!

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How low carb are you eating? I’ve long ago learned how to deal with cravings, so that isn’t a problem for me, but I find that I cannot function unless I have 70-100g carbs at least every other day, though I tend to average around there.


Wow, really? I don’t crave it anymore and can get by on very little.

I’ve done well with LCHF. I lost weight and my blood glucose is much easier to control. I also felt a lot of food craving drop by the wayside once I stopped eating a lot of carbs. Good luck, keep us posted.

Make sure that you are eating Low Carb and not No Carb. Brain cells need a certain amount of glucose to function properly which only come from carbs. When your body metabolizes fat for energy it creates ketones which many cells (muscle, etc) can use for energy, but not neurons.

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Thank you! I am having some carb every day but generally limiting to 25 grams daily. I also have a lot to lose, so I suspect it’s mostly fluid right now.

Proteins produce glucose, and certainly vegetables have carbs. Nobody eats NO CARBS. Lizard1 does not have to worry about that.

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Your liver uses pyruvate, lactate, glycerol, and the amino acids alanine and glutamine to make new glucose. The process is time consuming and it uses a lot of energy. It may take a week or two for your body to become efficient at gluconeogenesis. During that time, ketones are keeping your system going. If you are trying to get your body to burn fat and protein for fuel instead of carbs, it is important to eat enough protein sources to avoid having your body scavenge your own muscle tissue.

Fat provides energy to the liver so it can power the energy-intensive process of making new glucose from protein. When the liver starts using fats, it releases ketones as a byproduct of the chemical reaction. Ketones provide some energy for the body, and they help keep you going until the long process of protein conversion gets into full swing. Ketones are water-soluble fats, and under ordinary circumstances, they leave your body through your breath or in your urine.

The main thing I found was to get enough healthy fats. Day 10 in lchf should be starting to get better and feeling good. Drink lots of water and don’t forget some salt in you diet

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