Fastest Pod Change Ever

My son wanted me to share this with my “diabetes people.” He is nine, and has been on the pod since August - the whole time we have been getting faster and faster at pod changes - but we thought this was impossible until tonight. He was so excited!!

Very nice!

Wow – that’s fast!! You guys could do an Insulet commercial because you really are making diabetes a smaller part of your life :wink:

I have to admit that the fast and easy pod change was one of the biggest selling points for Omnipod for me (although we let my son make the decision). We went to an Animas demo right before we went to an Omnipod demo - and after about 15 minutes of explaining how to fill and prime the Ping I was completely overwhelmed. Then we went to the Omnipod demo, which took about 5 minutes - and we were sold.

Good job!

I thought I was fast, but I went back and checked my recent times, and I’ve never done better than two minutes. Your son is the champ in my book! (Although, now that I know there is a competition, I’m gonna see if I can’t do better!)

I thought for sure we could do it in under a minute. That priming takes longer than I realized. We went from 3:14 deactivation to 3:15 activation. :slight_smile:

It’s all about the priming - but we also had to make sure to deactivate at the beginning of a minute. There also can’t be any unforeseen problems . . .

How cute that he’s got this little personal goal/game with his pump! It’s good to see young kids dealing with diabetes so well. Seeing this made me curious to know how long it takes me…8 minutes, lol.

Yep, that’s what we did - I was a little anxious! :confused:

Great job! Isn’t it great making diabetes a smaller part of our lives?

Since I change my pod every 48-60 hours it has almost become 2nd nature to changing a pod. I do it in the car and at work. But never this fast…

Marty, I hope you don’t change pods while driving! That might be more dangerous than texting.

ok, so who is going to have a contest and what do we win? Let’s standardize it at 120 units of insulin for priming purposes.