Fastest Pump change at camp! Woo Hoot Omnipod!

Kennedy just came back from camp and she really felt grateful to be so fortunate to have a pump to use, and when they did pump change she wasn't paying atttention and just went through and changed her pump herself, ( you know it takes 6 minutes tops) and when she was done, she noticed all the other pumpers still priming and fiddling around. She felt fortunate to have a little easier time! And has 10 new friends, 5 of which she's constantly texting!!

I love the idea of camp for these kids. (I wouldn't mind a camp for adults....) These kids (and their parents,) really deserve it. I hope Kennedy had a blast.

I'm getting faster too on my changing. One trick I just learned is to leave the old pod attached, turned off but still attached until you start waiting for the new pump to prime. This minute of waiting for the priming is a great time for pulling off the old pod. That saves me a bit of time at least.