Fastest rise?

Yesterday with crazy BGs my son went from a 42 on Dexcom to a 324 over the course of 25 minutes…averaging about 676 mg/dL per hour!!!

What’s the fastest and largest excursion you’ve seen in a short period of time.

Wow. Now that’s dramatic. Don’t think I can top that. Fortunately. Eek.

That’s an insane spike!

Did you do a BG check to see how close it was? Usually Dex is a bit behind on a sharp increase or decrease, so if that was happening, a BG test might have shown you an even more extreme number.

I personally have not had anything that rapid.

Was that real? I have had my Dexcom give false readings that are just not physically possible when I “compress” the sensor.

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Let’s try to view this in a positive light. Your son’s record-breaking BG spike was trying to politely inform you that your son will require a larger size of clothing and shoes in the near future. :wink:

Seriously, how frustrating. Especially in light of your knowledge base and diligence…


Wow. I’ve had mine do the opposite, grocery store trip ate to make sure not to bottom out before I went. Then got home, it was 417, then within hour it was in 40’s. Low then high in short time like that is rare I would say.

Yes it was confirmed by finger stick on both ends! Crazy.

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I have had some fast spikes, but probably not that extreme. It is likely that counter-regulatory hormones helped fuel the rise. My understanding is that kids are much more sensitive than adults and see this sort of craziness more often.


I’ve had some fast rises, but I don’t think I’ve had anything quite that fast. I recall once I went from 6 mmol/L to 22 mmol/L over a half-hour period because I accidentally got regular Coke instead of diet. I think that’s probably the fastest I can recall. Of course, I don’t have access to most of my blood sugars before age 18, so it’s very possible I may have had a record-breaker then.

In a “perfect” storm of events (pump failure, empty stomach, low correction), my son went from low 60’s to high 500’s in about 25 mins.

I also had a rapid rise when I was given a Regular Coke instead of a Diet Coke. Nothing nearly that dramatic though. Wow.

@Bradford1, you win the dubious T1D prize for fastest rise! Your award is a triple latte, to stay awake after all those sleepless nights!!

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