Fasting blood levels high


My husbands fasting bloods seem higher when he tests when he wakes than 2 hours after eating, he is not on medication as it lowered his sugars too much, we are just controlling with diet and exercise at the moment.
Is there anything he can do to lower these fasting blood sugar levels?


Regular exercise (daily) and eating healthily. Can’t stress those two items enough. Also, maintain a healthy weight.


Blood sugar is its highest around 2 hours after eating but type of food consumed affects everything.


Dawn phenomenon is when you awake with elevated sugars as your body is waking up. Sometimes a protein /carb small snack might help. Such 1 cracker with a little pb may help. Nancy50


I was thinking same thing as Nancy.

Would it be possible for you to wake up an hour before your husband typically wakes up and take his BG? Then have him take the BG at the typical time that we would take it to see his “morning fasting” BG. Do that for a handful of days. Compare the two values of 1 hr before wake and “morning fasting”. Could be something interesting or maybe not. One way to find out.


Dawn phenomenon is common for T2D as pointed out in the last posts. Consider:

• Reduce Carb in-take at the dinner, in hope of the intestines and liver releasing less BG during the night.

• Increase exercise intensity and duration after dinner for body cells to consume BG efficiently.

• Take BGs before going to bed and fasting in next morning to confirm Dawn phenomenon.

• Reduce body weight 5% to witness its benefit of lowering BG at lease for couple of days.

• Take fasting C-Peptide test to assess the surviving Beta Cells in reference to normal people, and learn to preserve them.

• Consult with an Endo for the correct medication.