Fasting blood work

My biannual fasting blood work was scheduled for today. Last night I dreamed that I was eating: walnuts, with honey. In the dream I was aware that my snack would mess up the blood work . . . I spat out the nuts, in the dream.

I woke up somewhat worried that I had actually eaten in the night. (I had not.) My real concern was postponing coffee until after the blood draw. I also worry I won't have enough for for a urine sample, but I always do!

Alot of anxiety around this lab work I guess. More anxiety: next week the doctor & I will look at the results.

What kind of anxieties do others have around this testing?

And, LOL, I knew I hadn't eaten honey--none in the house.

Haha I love it! I always have dreams like that - where I feel like I had just done something but hasn’t! And there is alot of anxiety around that time! Paranoid that its not going to be good enough for the docs. Or that I’m going to wake up low and have to eat anyway :confused: plus I’m always hungry and always have breakfast first thing so waiting in line for a test sends me to horrible places (hunger pains) but you always make it through!!! :slight_smile:

I know of a woman who was supposed to be fasting for surgery and she ate chocolate cake in her sleep...the doctor wondered how she could've known that if she was sleepwalking. She did, though...