Fasting Insulin

What was your fasting insulin on your last blood panel?

I am not sure what this means? Nancy50

Mine was 3.9.

(No T1D or T2D diagnosis, though.)

The normal range of fasting insulin varies somewhat between labs, but 2 to 20 mIU/mL is considered normal by most [7, 8].

4.6 (83 for those of you in US)

Do you mean fasting blood sugar or fasting insulin level. Because injected insulin would interfere with that test.

Is this something that’s routinely tested, or do we have to request it, and what is the usefulness of that number?

Fasting insulin is usually tested to help diagnose and distinguish type 1 vs type 2, along with fasting BG test.

A type 1 may have high bg, low insulin.
A type 2 likely high bg, high insulin, but due to insulin resistance, insulin not bringing BG down.

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