Fasting Sugar Spikes...make it stop!

OK so I've been uber active lately and I've had to cut my Lantus intake by nearly half. I've finally been able to lose some weight too (insulin reduction + exercise), which is great :)

But…sometimes my fasting blood sugars are can get a little wacky. For example, yesterday around mid-afternoon, I’m at 88…I eat nothing and around 1.5 hours later I’m at 147. This can’t be dawn phenomenon because, well, it’s in the afternoon…right? So the only way I figure my sugar went up is because of old Mr. Liver and his free glycogen giveaway . I was a little hungry at the time, so I guess my liver thought I needed a sugar boost. I keep telling him that I’m a diabetic, but he doesn’t listen.

I find that when I’m on an empty stomach, especially mornings and during exercise, my liver is most generous with the sugar push.

So here’s the burning question. Is there anything I can do to prevent, or at the very least, slow down these spikes? Does anyone know of any supplement, food, or magic elixir that can tell my body not to release sugar into my body?

Maybe there is a way that I can trick my body to go after my fat stores rather than release glycogen. I’m willing to try anything…

…except increase my Lantus. Call it a love/ hate relationship, but I don’t want to feed this insulin beast any more than I have to!!!

One time, I tried an experiment for a week by drinking a Bud Light every night before I slept. The dawn phenomenon kind of subsided, and I slept like a baby, but there’s got to be a better way than beer.

I once heard of someone who said that eating something – anything – stopped (or slowed) the liver from dumping sugar in his blood. Eat a couple of baby carrots, or a piece of cheese. Something that’s really low carb. It makes your body think it’s being fed, so it doesn’t try to raise your blood sugar itself.

Meanwhile, I often find my sugar goes up in the morning – after breakfast when I’m sitting at my desk (at my lousy job) for a few hours. Maybe I should chug a Bud Light before work every day!

“Maybe I should chug a Bud Light before work every day!”

This was my second experiment. Needless to say, I spent some time in HR trying to explain the importance of cutting edge diabetic research.

have you tried the 6 little meals thing? meals at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm?